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Over 1 Million+ Happy Customers! Free Shipping Worldwide

Hydro Jet Power Washer Instructions

The Hydro-Jet Power Washer is designed to fit onto a standard garden hose. Please refer to the steps below to properly use the device:

Make sure the black O-ring securely fits within the connector grooves to prevent water leakage.

Attach the Hydro-Jet onto the garden hose by tightly screwing the connectors together.

Ensure a tight fit by screwing the connectors straight and not crooked. This will prevent water from leaking.

Activate the water flow by lifting the lever. Stop the water by switching the lever back to its original position.

The Hydro-Jet Power Washer includes 2x nozzle tips that can be changed. Screw on the nozzle tips tightly to ensure smooth water flow.


Video Instruction:

When properly installed, the Hydro-Jet Power Washer shoots out a powerful jet stream that can be used for cleaning surfaces (Deck or window), watering plants and much more.